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Our AID committee (Anne Kooijman, Wietse in het Panhuis, Ruben Cornelissen) provided us with 3 very nice activities.

A Bus pull at the campus games. We are congratulating the first place winners who pulled bus 88 (13.000kg) over 100meters in only 38 seconds! (Of course we beat them with 35 seconds (A)).

buspull 1buspull 2
Due to the weather the sportsmarket was moved inside the Forum, nevertheless we were quite successful: we gained 25 new subscriptions and 100 newsletter subscriptions. Since there are a lot of nice associations in Wageningen a lot of people who postponed the decision to join an association till after the AID. We think it’s important to make the right decision, so we can understand that choice very well. However, if you are thinking about joining us, we would recommend doing that before the end of the holidays. Then you’ll easily be able to join our introductory weekend. This is not a hazing (ontgroeningsweekend) of some sorts!!! The organization thought of some nice activities like swimming, going to the gym and do some games, would be nice if you would join them, but you don’t have to do anything! Apparently this was not completely clear because of the multiple meanings of introduction weekend… oh and costs are only about 20 euros excl. foods 😀


Lastly Ruben Cornelissen gave us a protein bar baking workshop. Of course some protein bars turned out better than others, but all were pretty delicious :D. We would say it was very successful.


To sum up the information we have given you on the sportsmarket:

What we do:
The Wageningen Beasts is a group of people which aims to unite a fun student life with your personal goals of strength training. That makes us more than a simple sport association. Sure, just like any other sports association we have group trainings twice a week, see table 1. Professional trainers who will help you start up if you are a beginner or improve your technique if you have already been training for a while. And we even provide you with professional training materials during the training hours that will diminish the small risk of injury even further. However, besides the training we also have professional lectures about nutrition scheduling and strength training, make progression pictures, organize drinks, BBQs, movie nights, bootcamps etc. for more information see table 2, sent us an e-mail or check the website. Might be interesting for some, we provide a discount a and at (0-40% depending on the product).

Who we are:
Our members (50) consist of both dutch students as well as international students (20%), both boys and girls (25%), beginners and experienced ( 0 – 7 years experience).
Personal goals amongst our members vary a lot per individual and may include: increase in strength, increase/ decrease in body mass, recovery from injury, support for other sports, entering bodybuilding/ powerlifting/ strongman competition, improving your looks and of course having fun.

Membership fee:
Our yearly fee is €30,- or €25,- if you transfer the fee before the 14th of September. For new students we provide you with a gym key that allows you to save €15,- when you do your introductory course in the gym. But more on that if you become a member.

Please transfer this to our bank account: NL66INGB0006097901 on the name of Wageningen Beasts, and please put your full name in the description of the payment.
Table. 1 Planning for trainings for first month.


Table 2. Planning for activities for first month.


So uhm… Subscribe now and become part of the family! 😀


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