This is how we roll!

Last Wednesday (January 20th) a very special lecture was given by Jasper. The lecture was about foam rolling. It included a theoretical part on the basics behind the technique, the claimed benefits by manufacturers, and the proven benefits. Proven by the little scientific research on the topic and by own experiences.

Practical part foam rolling clinic

Practical part

Jasper also incorporated a large part on the different foam rolling exercises, and nicely addressed all muscle areas relevant to target with a foam roller. Luckily, there were a lot of members who already had a foam roller and brought it with them. In addition, the Bongerd provided us with a few of their foam rollers, for which the Wageningen Beasts are very grateful.
During the practical part, everyone could try out the exercises and Jasper coached us really well. One of the main lessons of the evening included self-love: it was very important to hug yourself. This self-love, however, stood directly opposite of the effect the foam roller had on all of us. The ooh’s, ahh’s, ouch’s, and aaarggh’s could be heard from every corner of the Forum building (also thanks to the university for opening their doors for us). Since we were all true Beasts, everyone had sore muscles. Sore muscles plus pressure on the foam roller equals pain. But, that evening we learned that pain is good. Foam rolling without pain is impossible. No foam rolling because of pain is weakness. And Beasts do not show weakness. So everyone, go buy yourself a foam roller and show ’em all how we roll.

Foto foam rolling 1Foto foam rolling 2



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