Recipe: Tuna pasta pesto (2p)

A delicious pasta dish, easy to make with only 5 ingredients needed. Your food will be ready to eat in under 20 minutes. Even the worst cooks can pull this one off!

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Add spices or cheese to make it less simplistic!

Tuna pasta pesto


  • 250 grams (can of) tuna (in water)
  • 200 grams (dry) penne
  • 125 grams crème fraiche (for warm preparation)
  • 50 grams red pesto
  • 1 zucchini

How to make the dish

  1. Cook the penne.
  2. Cut the zucchini in pieces.
  3. Warm the zucchini, red pesto, tuna and crème fraiche, together in a pan.
  4. When the penne is cooked and the other ingredients are warm, mix the penne through the rest and enjoy your delicious meal!

Macros                                  (per 100 grams prepared)

Energy                                    178 kcal
Total fats                                5,4 grams
Saturated fats                        1,9 grams
Total carbs                              20,8 grams
Sugar                                      2,2 grams
Protein                                   12,6 grams

Macro’s                                 (total – 2p)

Energy                                   1307 kcal
Total fat                                 39,6 grams
Saturated fat                         14 grams
Total carbs                             152,8 grams
Sugar                                     16,4 grams
Protein                                   92,5 grams


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