Hello little you, where have you been? – By Barbella

I’ve been involved in the fitness and healthy nutrition world for a couple of years now. One of the most abused sentences in this reality is abs are made in the kitchen. Everyone emphasises the importance of healthy, conscious eating. Not just fitting food in your mouth, but fitting food in your macros. These macros can be set by yourself if you have enough knowledge, or you can ask any fitgirl bimbo on Instagram to take a standard food schedule from the Women’s Health and ‘adjust this according to your specific needs’. Everyone is a food specialist now, everyone has overcome or is battling an eating disorder and no-one ever slips. Where I give in to my cravings at least ten times too much a month because I am human, all those Instagram accounts only talk about how strictly and proper they follow their nutrition. Because they have a goal that they are working towards, they want to achieve a killerbody. As if I don’t want that killerbody. As if I don’t have a goal. But I am human, and humans like chocolate (sorry not sorry to everyone who dislikes chocolate: you’re not normal) and burgers and nachos and late-night snackings. Where has the reality gone? Why do we like it so much to watch others do things we fail to do? It motivates us, but still I slip up sometimes while I never see them slipping up. Why do I keep following them, keep looking up to them, like so many other people do? I think it is important that we start focussing more on ourselves and enjoy life a little more.

Since I watched my food intake, I never see just food in front of me. I see kilocalories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. I know a lot of you follow a strict diet as well, and also mainly think in macro nutrients. Therefore, I want to invite you all to choose one day. Just one day during which you just enjoy life, enjoy your loved ones, enjoy food and don’t worry about reaching your goals or macros. Just one day to be like that little kid again, who pesters mommy just before dinner for a snack. And does not finishes his vegetables but still wants ice cream afterwards. Just one day be like little you again. I’m sure you will enjoy.

– Barbella


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