Winter BBQ: Meat, Beers and Beasts

Last Wednesday (25th of February), the FoodCommittee held its first dinner ever. As we all know nothing beats a good old BBQ while it is cold, rainy and snowy outside.

The evening started off rather exciting with some rain and snow, but as more and more beasts started to gather, the rainclouds got scared and vanished. While the FoodCommittee members were struggling to light the BBQ, beasts were getting cold. Beasts are generally not considered as pack animals, but sometimes they need to rely on each other to survive. This was one of those ‘bro-moments’. And so they gathered in a small hut known as a “party tent”, to keep each other warm.

The coals were hot, the feast could begin! We started off by serving pulled pork which was cooked sous-vide by our chef Quinten Steffens for 24 hours!!! Once the beasts were aware of the chicken on the BBQ, they left the warmth and safety of their party tent to act like vultures in hope to claim some chicken. It didn’t take long before only a pile of bones was left to remember us of the once so great chicken. Because of it being wintertime, a lot of beasts are bulking so we continued feeding them hamburgers, sausages and beer!

Attack the meat!

Of course we offered some healthier foods like vegetables….

We had to take nearly all of them home at the end of the night.

With our bellies filled and the very important General Members Assembly (ALV) in mind, we worked together and cleaned up our mess so we could head inside.

We would like to thank all beasts that joined the BBQ, the WUR for letting us use their BBQ, and the board for providing us with meat and such.

If you liked the BBQ make sure to join any of our future events and if you have some cool input for a future event, let us know!


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