Expectation squat clinic – Tom Helmink

Next Wednesday, 2nd of March, the clinic on squat mobility and technique will be given by Jasper Remmerswaal. This of course will mean that there will be a lot of attention to the little details of the squats. I myself will also be attending this clinic. I joined the Wageningen Beasts in October last year, and in these few months I’ve already learned a lot about different exercises, one of which are squats. But I think I can still learn some more. As most of the Beasts will know, Jasper is quite precise when it comes to technique. And so where others would say “It’s good enough”, Jasper will say: “You’re doing it wrong.”

That’s also why I wanted to join this clinic, even when I think my technique is perfect, it probably still isn’t. So I hope to learn in this clinic how I can still improve my technique further. I also hope to learn about some different ways to squat, especially the low bar/high bar/front squat. I expect Jasper to have a lot of knowledge about the different squat techniques, and also to be able to teach others how to properly squat. With a lecture, and also with examples.

I’m looking forward to this lecture, and also to hearing Jasper saying that every squat higher than parallel does not count. Because I think that’s one of his standard comments, so I will be very disappointed if he does not mention it in a clinic about squatting.

– Tom Helmink


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