Monday Music: Owen Ruijssenaars

Every Monday a different member will talk about their favourite music during their trainings. This week Owen Ruijssenaars will tell you all about his favourite music. Want to star in this category yourself? Send us a message!

Those of you who have trained with me surely remember how tough it is to talk to me during training. There is a simple explanation for this: I don’t even know someone is talking to me because my music is too loud. I like to zone out while working out and just have some ‘me-time’. I get distracted by peoples voices very easily so listening to music helps me to focus. Now, you might wonder what music could possibly be so loud that I can’t even hear someone talking to me, let alone understand what that person is saying. During my workouts I don’t listen to a specific music genre. The type of music I listen to varies with every workout. Sometimes it might be rap (read: Tupac, NWA, Ice Cube or Eminem), sometimes I might feel like listening to metal, hardstyle or rock. I can tell you one band that I listen to during every workout though, it’s called Disturbed. Once my playlist hits their first song, I turn up the volume and start completely zoning out. If you like loud music, this is a band you will certainly like (especially “Asylum”, “Stricken” and “Down with the Sickness”).
In conclusion, my music HAS to be loud – during my sets that is. However, please don’t feel like I don’t want to talk to anyone when I work out – I like talking to all of you, so please feel free to start a conversation!

– Owen Ruijssenaars


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