Bootcamp, many people think they will be subjected to a military regime and are scared to join. Don’t be afraid, that’s not even close to what it is all about! You can jump in when you have just made your first steps into the gym, or when you were already lifting your bottle when you were a little beastbaby. It doesn’t matter what level of training you have, bootcamp is for everyone!

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Bootcamp is a combination of various cardio and strength training exercises. It’s held in the open air and is mainly about teamwork and having fun! We use all kinds of material, depending on which location we are training. In the forest we use trees, in the Aboretum we use stairs, and when we are close to our homegym we use kettlebells, tires and ropes. But we shouldn’t forget the most important material and that is our own body, in the end that is what it is all about! Some examples of exercises are walking lunges, squat and kicks, or lifting a tree together, but we have many many more!

For inspiration we use our own experience with bootcamps and strength training, but we are also looking at other sports, like rugby, and on Youtube or Facebook for new exercises. The last thing we want it to be is boring, so we have to be inventive!

The Bootcamp Committee consists of Reinier Egas, Wietse in het Panhuis, Iris Brunsmann and Jasmijn de Gijt. If you have any questions, remarks or you just want to talk with some really cool people, feel free to contact us!


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