Monday Music: Kevin Verlinden

Every Monday a different member will talk about their favourite music during their trainings. This week Kevin Verlinden will tell you all about his favourite music. Want to star in this category yourself? Send us a message!

Quite funny how music makes all weights relative, isn’t it? Putting on your headphones and getting in your zone changes the perception of gravity completely. Whether you are listening to some classical music, metal or rap, if you can find that one song that suits you during your workout you can smash some records.

Of course, this is true for myself and some others, but not everyone. We all know some people who are the worse listeners during their workout. As annoying as is might be, let them! Without music during our workout we are like the fat chick working out for 3 years already; you’re doing good girl, but something is going wrong darling.

My own taste in music during workouts stretches quite a bit, as my taste in music that i listen throughout the day does aswell. I have a strong love for rap and to less extent hiphop, but i’ve also listened to alot of hardstyle, trance, D ’n B and rock in the past. Right now I have a playlist full of chill hiphop to listen while I’m training. I’ve only just started training recently so there is no need for me to get all pumped and sh*t for some crazy PR’s.

I think the importance of music during training is underrated, as music is in general. Music brings us all together but also brings yourself closer to the mindset that you’re trying to reach when you do certain activities. The song or genre that you’re looking for might be completely different for someone else, or even for yourself in the past. I’ve even studied with hardstyle in the background, it gave me that last touch of focus.

What I’m trying to say here is that you all should listen music during your workout. You are there to train when u are lifting, no one has to be able to talk to you when u setting that fat PR or when you are casually doing your 10 reps. Grab some good headphones, ones that completely filter anything around you, find your song(s) and push out dem repz! After you have done that, go talk to some people so they get the idea that you are indeed capable of holding a conversation and you are not completely mental when you have headphones on….

– Kevin Verlinden


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