Hall of fame: Deadlift

19th of April it was finally time for our first Hall of Fame activity of this year. We hosted a deadlift competition among members, in different weight classes. The activity was very well attended by our Beasts; other members had to watch with jealousy and had to resist grabbing a barbell.

Overall, Bart de Groof and Lotte ter Huerne won the deadlift contest, with a Wilk’s score of respectively 146.06 and 125.02. Congratulations!

Deadlift Bart de Groof Deadlift Lotte ter Huerne

Below you can find the records from all participants.

DEADLIFT MEN Weight class Record 1 Record 2 Record 3
105-120 Jochem Bögemann (160kg)
93-105 Bart de Groof (240kg) Reinier Egas (190kg) Maikel Starreveld (165kg)
83-93 Mark Reijerman (170kg) Frank Lammers (135kg)
74-83 Kevin Tromp (180kg) Jasper Remmerswaal (177,5kg) Stein Jongerius (157,5kg)
72-84 Mandy Runderkamp (115kg)
63-72 Jasmijn de Gijt (90kg)
57-63 Lotte ter Huerne (115kg)
52-57 Froukje Overdijk (70kg)


Deadlift bord Deadlift Frank Lamers Deadlift Jasper Remmerswaal  Deadlift Maikel Starreveld Deadlift Mark Reijerman Deadlift Ricky


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