Recipe: Delicious Banana Bread


Banana bread is getting more and more attention these days, but why?

I love banana bread! As many may not know, banana bread is a great, easy and cheap snack to make and eat! In my opinion it is a healthy snack, because it will fill you up good and therefore causes you not to snack any unnecessary extras. (Disclaimer: If you still eat the whole bread in one go, you will still gain weight.)

It is a very good recovery snack after sporting. The (macro) nutrients are well balanced, especially if you eat it with a bit of (100%) peanut butter!

And another advantage is, it is easy to take with you to work or school plus it stays ‘fresh’ for a couple of days especially in the fridge. And the tools to make it are only a big bowl, a fork and a baking tin. So not a lot of dishwashing either!

The base of this bread is an easy and solid to make base. Therefore you can easily make your own variation by adding other ingredients next to the basic ingredients. What you do, is up to you.

So here are the basic ingredients followed up by my take on a (healthy) banana bread!



Amount:                                  Food:

3                                                   Bananas

3                                                   Eggs

150g                                           Flour (Oat Flour e.g.)

2ts                                               Baking Powder

….                                                Margarine




Amount:                                  Food:


60g                                              Protein Powder

100g                                           ‘Pepernoten’

….                                                Cinnamon




2ts                                               Honey

Handful                                    Nuts (Pecan nuts e.g.)







  1. Take a big bowl and put in the flour, baking powder and mix them up with the fork.
  2. Put in the eggs and mix until most of the flour is with egg.
  3. Put in the bananas and mash them with the fork. Does take some strength, so no worries if it

takes a bit.

  1. Preheat your oven to 170 degrees Celsius.
  2. Take the baking tin and put in a bit of margarine to coat the walls.
  3. Add the mixed ingredients to the baking tin and put it in the oven for 55 minutes.



Simply just add the extra ingredients to the mix before putting the mix in the cake shape.


Do the dishes while waiting 55 minutes for the cake to finish and there you go! You just baked yourself an easy, cheap, healthy snack for the next couple of days.






If you like a more solid cake (like I do), don’t add baking powder to the mix. I think if you add the

baking powder, the bread becomes more of a cake instead of a firm snack. The easiest ways to coat the walls of the baking tin is by using a cooking spray. This also prevents you from using way to much margarine.






Basic Basic + extra

(option 1)

Basic + extra

(option 2)

Kcal 1337 1944 2139
Protein 38g 100g 55g
Carbs 196g 273g 219g
Fat 38g 46g 112g



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