Recipe: Brownies by Paula

Brownies by Paula

The winning recipe of ‘Baking of the Beasts 2016-2017’

The FoodCie asked me to share my not-so-secret-anymore brownie recipe with you guys, and of course, I gladly do so.

I hope you will enjoy it!


After a lot of trying and some optimization I have found this to be the best-ever recipe for (quite a lot of) brownies:


  • Melt 300g of butter and 400g of dark chocolate in a bowl on top of a pan with hot/boiling water (au-bain-marie).
  • While this is melting, mix 450g of sugar and 5 eggs (so technically quite some protein right?) for about 5 minutes until it is a nice and airy mixture.
  • Then, mix the molten chocolate/butter gently with the egg-mixture.
  • Add 200g of flour and a few teaspoons of coarse sea salt and mix in.
  • Add 100g of coarsely chopped white chocolate, mix, and pour the tasty mixture into a greased baking tin.
  • Bake at 200 degrees C until the top of the brownie begins to crack (this can take various amounts of time. Also, the more solid you like them, the longer you should bake them).
  • Let cool, or don’t, and enjoy!


Whole tray of brownies
Kcal 7948
Protein 91g
Carbs 840g
Fat 460g



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