Wietse in het Panhuis, Froukje Overdijk (resigned), Mandy Runderkamp, Maaike Kuipers and Ricky Siebeler are the board members for the year 2016/2017

Wietse in het Panhuis (Chairman)
I am in my third year of my Bachelor Nutrition and Health. I chose this study because I have been involved in training and nutrition since I was 15, and I knew my future would be in this field. I started training as a complete newb, doing the machines that were in my gym at that time. Over the years I kept learning new things, from other people, from my study and from myself. That is one of the main reasons I like this sport so much: you keep learning and improving. It is not about comparing yourself to others, it is about making the best of yourself!

I joined the board in 2015 as secretary. It seemed like a great opportunity to devote my time, energy and creativity to. We achieved a lot in the previous year, and I am determined to continue and expand those achievements. After a year I decided I wanted another challenge, which is why I applied for chairman. I have a lot of ideas to improve and expand our association, together with the other new board members. If you ever have any questions or ideas, do not hesitate to contact me. Input from members is always very much appreciated!

Maaike Kuipers (Vice-president)

In addition to being the vice-president this year, I am responsible for the (social) media of the Beasts like I was last year. I am currently in my second year of my Master Management Economics and Consumers Studies (MME) and I work at Café de Tijd as a bartender/waitress (so everyone have drinks over there please). I love going to the gym like my fellow boardmembers, but I am also addicted to golf. Some of my trainings are devoted to optimising my physique for golf, but I mainly train to gain muscle mass. Currently I have the opportunity to play golf at a high level, the highest national amateur level, so much of my time is devoted to that. But the little free time I find, I spend in the gym.

Mandy Runderkamp (Treasurer)

I’m an enthusiastic biotechnology student, 20 years old and trying to learn as much as possible about marine life in my minor. I will replace Peter Vork as treasurer in the board. At the moment I’m busy with paying close attention to all his actions according to the business part of the association. I will also attend the weekend commission next year to arrange a kick ass introduction weekend for the old and the new members. I will also play a minor role in the expert committee.

During my board year I would like to achieve some goals:

  • Reserve money for commissions and distribute this money as fair as possible, because they are the ones arranging amazing stuff that leads to bonding in our beasty group.
  • Set up a commission that will mainly focus on finding sponsors and play a role in it myself. So we can give something in return to the members and other people that put effort in the Wageningen Beasts.
  • I see it as a challenge to simplify money matters as much as possible to make sure payments are always in time and easily traceable, as well between members as with people from the outside (think about alternatives of wiebetaaltwat). I will do this because I noticed some annoyances about this in the group. This leads me to the next goal:
  • Getting to know all about our members. This to push the communication between members to a higher level.

Lets make schoolyear 2016/2017 a (f)(b)eastly year with lots of muscles!

Ricky Siebeler (Commissionair committees)

I am currently studying Nutrition and Health. At the age of 16 I started working out at home, with some rusty old weights. After doing curls and such with bad form for about a year, I joined an epic old school gym where I started taking lifting more serious. About 1,5 years later I got interested in natural bodybuilding and decided to compete, mainly just for the experience so I would know whether I should stick with this sport. December 2014 I competed in the IFBB Flexcup junior division and placed 7th out of 14, whilst being taller, younger and weighing in about 10lbs less than the others, it was a great experience. I will probably compete again somewhere in 2017 with the IFBB or NCOBB. Besides the guy having dreams of becoming a natural pro someday, I’m also known as the guy with a high metabolism who likes a cookie now and then.

I applied for commissioner committees because for me, this seems the best way to help others to express their ideas for the Beasts. The same happened to me when I got the opportunity to create the Foodcie. The association is very special to me. I hope I can give old and new members the same feeling by means of fun activities and educational clinics/lectures.

Robbert Lens (Secretary)

At the end of period two, I became secretary for the Wageningen Beasts. Basically it’s my task to make sure that all the points the board has set will be on the record. I make sure we are on track and none of the important th ings we discuss will be forgotten. For me it’s the first year at the Wageningen Beasts and the University. I started studying nutrition and health, but my interest in the gymlife has already begun 4-5 years prior to this. Which also means that for me, joining the Beasts, was a decision which was easily made. I tried out some of the activities, made some new friends and decided to become more involved. Since I’m a new member, I mostly hope to learn and get some experience in the board by being the secretary. But this probably won’t be the last you’ll hear from me. As I’d like to stay active within the Beasts!

Jasper Remmerswaal (Vice-president intern, fully in function from February 2017 on)

My name is Jasper Remmerswaal, at the time of writing I am 23 years old and I will replace our lovely Maaike Kuipers and become vice-president in the board, starting the 2nd half of this year. I have started working with the board from the 2nd half of November, so at this phase we can say that I’m Jr. vicepresident.

I started strength training when I was about 18, weighing an enormous amount of 58 kilograms and measuring 190 cm’s in height. Since then I’ve been able to crank that up to a series of different numbers, the highest being 86 kilograms. I plan to eventually weigh in at 90 kilograms, while not looking like an elephant. My sports are primarily weightlifting and powerlifting and less bodybuilding, although I have grown more fond of it in the recent year. As a member of the Wageningen Beasts, I have been in quite a few different committees, but focussing mainly on the expert committee and merchandise committee. This year I decided to add a board function to that list. My goals this year will mainly be about gaining financial independence within the association. As a business science student, I am all about efficiency, finding ways to lower costs, up the incoming cash flows and most importantly: adding value for our members. I will keep on giving lectures and clinics, I will keep writing articles and I hope we will find a way to get every member to have a basic knowledge about lifting in general. Being in the board puts me in the position of being on top of everything that is currently happening in the association and in this way I hope I can prove myself to be the most useful to the members.