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Robbert Lens, Marloes Postma, Nick Vollenbroek, Eva Almekinders, Sander Buddendorf 

Nick Vollenbroek (Chairman)


After finishing the study Chemical Technology at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede my education was not yet finished. During the summer of 2016 I decided to continue studying at Wageningen University for a master’s degree in Biotechnology. Until thus far this appeared to be the right decision. Since my study is going well, I thought a board function would be a nice extra challenge.  A sports association with which I can identify myself is the perfect place to join a board.

I have been going to the gym since the age of 15, but never took working out very seriously until I started studying in Wageningen. I joined the Beasts a month after my arrival. Through the Beasts my interest for strength training increased, mainly because of all the interesting lectures I had been attending. I can honestly say that nowadays my favorite free time activity is going to the gym. Other things I like to do in my spare time are playing guitar, socializing and outdoor activities.

I am pleased to be the chairman of the Wageningen Beasts  this year, since this will be an exciting challenge. My main goal will be to keep this great association on course, solving problems as they come. It would be great to see growth for the association as well as myself. I am sure this year will be a fun and valuable experience for me and the other board members.


Robbert Lens (Vice-president)

I’ve already been secretary for the Beasts for the past half year. Thus most of you already know me.
But I’ll give a short summary anyways. I’m currently studying health and nutrition. My interest in weightlifting and nutrition started out at the age of 15. This is one of the reasons why I chose to join the Wageningen Beasts. Robbert

This year I’ll be the vice-president of the Wageningen Beasts. Basically this means that my focus is to professionalise the Beasts for both the members as an union in general. I’ll also be in charge of the merchandise and sponsor committee. These committees aim to generate income and make sure the Beasts can expand and

I’ll also be in charge of the larger projects organised by the Beasts. There is loads of room for development and I’m looking forward to getting started!



Marloes Postma (Secretary/Treasurer)

I’m a Food technology student and this is my third year with the Beasts. Before I came to Wageningen, I used to ice skate and there I did some strength training. But strength training was never my main focus. I joined the Beasts to gain more general strength and get help with my training program. Last year, I focused mainly on power lifting. This year I hope to learn more about Olympic lifting.

I applied for a board function because I think the Beasts are great and I would gladly contribute my help. I applied for the functions of secretary and treasurer because I am a quite structured person and that is why I think that keeping track of the members list and banking matters seem like perfect tasks for me.


Eva Almekinders (Commissioner committees)

Hi! My name is Eva, I’m currently studying Nutrition and Health. I’m a member of the Beasts since September 2016 and I’m currently in 3 committees (The FoodCie, SponsorCie and Communication committee). I applied for the function of Commissioner Committees (a.k.a. Sugarmomma). So if you are thinking about joining a committee, feel free to contact me!Eva

I applied for this position because I’m quite a social person and I like to be more involved in organising activities and making the Beasts even more fun. I hope to organize a lot of amazing activities and I would like to bring the committees and members closer together. This way I hope everybody can enjoy the Beasts as much as I do and gets to know each other better!

As for my association with strength training, I started working out at the age of 17. My main goal is to get stronger. But the amount of muscle that I’m gaining is very welcome of course. However, I’m starting to appreciate bodybuilding more and more.


Sander Buddendorf (Commissioner communication)

 Hello fellow Beasts, my name is Sander and I’m currently in my second year of Forest and Nature Conservation. I joined the Wageningen Beasts in the beginning of this academic year (2016-2017).

Joining the Beasts kept me motivated and educated in strength training. I’d love to spread this motivation and knowledge and that’s why I decided to apply for the board. I’m looking forward to keeping you, and potential new members, up-to-date through Social Media and The Beastly Telegraph.

Profielfoto SanderOne of my goals I’d like to achieve while being Commissioner Communication is upgrading/changing the website and make more use of our Instagram. Regarding my goals in the gym, I enjoy lifting heavy (well… heavy for me) but my focus at the moment is on bodybuilding and gaining muscle.

PS: I don’t always look this angry, I promise.