Wageningen Beasts has a number of committees that will make sure you not only progress  but also have fun while doing it! If you are interested in helping out one of the committees, contact Eva Almekinders or mail us at

Media / communication committee– Sander Buddendorf, Anne Grundlehner
This committee includes maintenance of the website, Facebook page and Instagram of Wageningen Beasts, and helps with the creation of the newsletter.

Expert committeeRicky Siebeler, Nick Vollenbroek, Robbert Lens 
Always wanted to know how strength training is actually practised? Interested in setting up your own food- or trainings scheme? This committee will help you out. Contact us for more information.

Broscience committee – Jasmijn de Gijt, Fleur van Griensven, Wietse In het Panhuis,  Ricky Siebeler, Patrick Flege, Anne Grundlehner
This committee writes weekly articles on topics like nutrition, training and health, all of them are evidence based and reviewed by the committee members. These articles can be found on our website in a database. Here you can easily find all the articles every written, in case you want to look up information on a topic.

Activity committeelooking for new enthousiastic members!
Want to get more acquainted with your fellow beasts? This committee lets you and that at a very relaxed way. This committee will organise different events, such as pooling, paintball and bowling. We will also have a movie night at least twice a year.

Merchandise committeeRobbert Lens
Through this committee you can order clothes and accessories with the logo of Wageningen Beasts such as towels, sweaters and t-shirts. You can order it by filling in this form.

Weekend committeeMilo Kleynjan, Michelle Kloosterman, Nick Vollenbroek
The weekend committee organises trips throughout the year. For example the annual introduction weekend, where the current and new members have an opportunity to get to know each other. The committee also organises another weekend or trip each year. The committee always tries to arrange a weekend on a good location, low costs, and a lot of fun activities!  

If you have any questions, tips or comments about previous or coming weekends, they will be happy to hear from you!

Competition committee Douwe Zantinge
This committee will organize internal competitions, such as the Hall of Fame.

Bootcamp committee –  Nick Vollenbroek, Tom Brandon, Robbert Lens, Ricky Siebeler, Milo Kleynjan
This committee organises the weekly bootcamp on Monday evenings.

Disciplinary committee – Patrick Flege, Tom Helmink, Jasmijn de Gijt

Food committee Eva Almekinders, Tom Helmink, Chantal den Elzen, Eline Suijten
All food-related activities are organised by this committee. They also provide us with weekly recipes and restaurant reviews.

BED (Big Event Development) committeeKas Janssen, Elke de Leeuw, Sven Bartelink
This committee has the responsibility for all the big activities such as the strongman and the AID. They will organise these events and will promote the Beasts during these events.

Monetary committee Mark Reijerman, Mandy Runderkamp
The monetary committee supports the treasurer in keeping the Beasts running smooth financially

Advisory Board Reinier Egas, Koen Manusama, Mark Reijerman, Wietse van ‘t Panhuis, Mandy Runderkamp, Ricky Siebeler

The Advisory Board exists of old board members, this board is to provide the current board with feedback on decisions.

Sponsor committee Robbert Lens

This committee is contacting companies about sponsorships and will also organise a charity event.

Scoop committeeMarloes Postma, Nick Vollenbroek

The ScoopCie makes sure that the beasts are making gainz! They orders the supplements for the Beasts.