Become a Beast

beasts contractWant to become one of the beasts? Two simple steps are between you and beastness:
1. Fill in the subscription form
2. Transfer 15 Euros to Wageningen Beasts, bank account NL31 RABO 0311 4374 94

(membership from February till September costs only 15 euros, a whole academic year costs 30 euros and with the discount during the AID it is 25 euros)

As a member you:

  1. Are welcome to join all of our training events and activities that are organized. For example the bootcamp training sessions, regular training (powerlifting/weightlifting) supervised by professional trainers, the strong man experience and more!
  2. Gain access to brand new official olympic training material (eg: bumper plates, official weightlifting bars)!
  3. Can join our new strength team: a team consisting of 10 persons, who train together and prepare for national powerlifting/weightlifting competitions!
  4. Be part of a community in which people really help each other in the strive for their goals. There is a lot of knowledge in our community on training/nutrition. Either you are a beginner or an advanced lifter or bodybuilder. Tell your aspirations and there will be people who can help and motivate you! Knowledge is also shared with lectures and clinics!
  5. Are welcome to join our social activities: from weekend trips, to BBQ’s, movie nights, drinks, game nights, food-related activities, trips, and so on!
  6. Can order supplements from XXL nutrition and other brands with a discount only for members.
  7. Can be part of the organization by joining one of the committees!
  8. Are ensured of an enjoyable and fun year with lots of fellow beasts!
  9. And last but not least, you will be part of a close group of friends who often have interaction inside the gym or outside during events.

We will confirm your membership by adding you to our Whatsapp group and Facebook group ‘Wageningen Beasts’ (prior to this we will send you a friend request on Facebook (by VVageningen ßeasts), please accept this. This is necessary to add you to our Facebook group).

Unsubscribing from the Wageningen Beasts is also possible by filling in this form