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14037678_1362315000445638_1082367695_oXXLnutrition and bodyenfitshop give us the possibility to buy their products at very sharp prices. This means that normally Creatine Monohydrate costs €14.95 for 500 grams, via us you pay €8.95. There is a different discount depending on the product, but it ranges from 5% to 40%.

Mike Vosskuhler and Thomas Verhagen will be handling the supplement discounts.

Supplements will be ordered the first day of every month and for your order to be included you have to contact them befor the 28th of the month for ordering supplements.

Most products have been listed here. If there is a product that has not been listed, you can request its price via Thomas or Mike.
You can contact Thomas and Mike either via WhatsApp (you can find their mobile phone numbers by searching in the WB Beast app) or mail:

How does ordering work?

1. Look in the order form below what product you want to order, and let Mike and Thomas know what you want to order via before the 28th of each month
2. Transfer the right amount of money to Wageningen Beasts, IBAN: NL31 RABO 0311 4374 94, on the name of WAGENINGEN BEASTS.
3. We order it, then it will be delivered to Ricky Siebeler’s house. There you can pick it up. He will send a general message.