– Bylaws Wageningen Beasts

Article 1. General provisions

  1. Sports association Wageningen Beasts, hereinafter referred to as “the association”, is founded by notarial deed on February 5, 2015, and is based in Wageningen.
  2. The bylaws are applicable in infrangible conjunction with the articles of the association.
  3. The sport is practiced at the risk of the practitioners themselves.

Article 2. Members

The association consists of:

  1. Members
  2. Committees
  3. Board

Article 3. The Membership

  1. Contribution has to be paid within one month following the accession of the association on the account of the association. In case of failure to comply to this rule, the person in question will be evicted from the association, including the social media groups. After eviction, contribution has to be paid in order to become a member.
  2. The board will determine the amount of contribution by members.

Article 4. Rights and obligations of members

  1. By joining the association as a member, they have the right to attend all activities of the association.
  2. They have the right to participate in training-hours and competitions.
  3. They have the right to participate in debates and votes in general meetings, with the proviso that they must be at least 18 years old. parent or legal guardian may represent members under 18 years.
  4. Each member or legal representative of a member younger than 18 years, may cast one vote.
  5. They have the right of free access to movie nights, lectures, group trainings and other activities, unless stated otherwise by the board.
  6. They have the right to submit proposals, complaints and wishes to the board regarding the association. The board is obliged to treat or examine these as soon as possible, and to display the result or report to the member that submitted the proposal, complaint or wish.
  7. They have the obligation to comply with the bylaws, guidelines and regulations provided by the board or committees.
  8. They have the obligation to comply with the regulations of the Sports Centre the Bongerd.

Article 5. Penalties

  1. In general, acts that omit or violate the law or the bylaws, regulations or decisions of bodies of the association or detrimental to the interests of the association will be punishable.
  2. Penalties imposed by the bodies of the associations or one of the umbrella federations, are to be paid by the members themselves.
  3. The disciplinary committee is the appropriate body of the association, which is authorized, subject to the principle of an adversarial process, to impose a penalty, also when a penalty is imposed by one of the umbrella federations.
  4. At a sentencing referred to in paragraph 2 of this article, except in cases of expulsion, the member may appeal to the board within one month after notification of the imposed penalty.
  5. If a member appeals against expulsion, the board convenes the general meeting within one month after submission of the appeal.

Article 6. Association Colors

  1. The association colors are determined after a proposal of the board during the general meeting.

Article 7. The board

  1. The board consists of a president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, publicity commissioner and committee commissioner.
  2. Apart from the provisions set out in the articles of the association, the rest of these bylaws and other regulations, the board is responsible for:
    1. Managing the association;
    2. Executing all provisions as decided upon during the General Members Assembly;
    3. Overseeing compliance of articles and regulations;
    4. Appointing, dismissing and suspending individuals active for the purpose of the association.
  3. The board will meet at least once a month according to a predetermined schedule, with the exception of July and August. Moreover, the board will meet as often as the president, or at least two members of the board deem appropriate.
  4. A call for a meeting must be in the possession of all board members at least 24 hours prior to the meeting, while meeting at the request of two board members must be held within a week thereafter.
  5. In case a board member wishes to resign from his or her function, one must submit a written request to the president at least one month prior to the date of discharge.
  6. In case a board member is forced to temporarily neglect his or her function due to circumstances, one must surrender his tasks or find an appropriate replacement with the approval of the remaining board members.
  7. All board members must be admitted to meetings of the committees of the association at all times. Unless one is a member of said committee, one solely has an advisory role during this meeting.
  8. The president manages and supervises all collective activities; he is the spokesperson for all official representations, with the exception of representations where he has surrendered this task to a fellow board member.
  9. The vice-president is the leading replacement of the president for official representations and is responsible for communication with third parties.
  10. The secretary maintains communication from the board to its members in the name of and in consultation with the board, manages the archives and is responsible for maintaining member administration records.
  11. The treasurer manages all funds of the association; collects all funds attributable to the association and oversees all expenses as made by the board or as approved at the General Members Assembly; keeps record of all fares and expenses; is obliged to keep and save all bank statements; gives an account of the financial situation and states the balance during the General Members Assembly.
  12. The publicity commissioner maintains all social media channels of the association, manages the website and is responsible for the newsletter.
  13. The committee commissioner is responsible for all the acts of the committees and the accomplishment of its assigned tasks and for maintaining clear communication between the board and the committees. In case a committee does not fulfill its assigned tasks properly, the committee commissioner holds responsibility for reporting this to the board in a timely fashion.

Article 8. Financial committee

  1. The General Members Assembly determines upon the financial committee, unless this is otherwise determined due to circumstances.
  2. The financial committee oversees the administration of the treasures. She must audit the administration of the association at least once a year. The results of this audit are reported to the board.
  3. In case the financial committee deems the report a reason to decharge the board, she will make an appropriate proposal to the General Members Assembly. The financial committee is authorized to present proposals concerning the financial management to the board.

Article 9. Committees

  1. The board is authorized to constitute committees, appoint or discharge members of said committees and regulate the policies of said committees, to the extent of the area of expertise of this bulletin.
  2. Several set committees exist, these are:
  3. Appointment of membership of a committee lasts for at least a year, or
  4. until the task at hand is fulfilled or withdrawn.
  • Expert committee
  • Film committee
  • Merchandise committee
  • Weekend committee
  • Competition committee
  • Bootcamp committee
  • Food committee
  • AID committee
  • Activities committee
  • Financial committee
  1. Appointment of membership of a committee lasts for at least a year, or until the task at hand is fulfilled or withdrawn.
  2. All committees must provide a report of its progress to the committee commissioner at least once every two months.
  3. All committees are held accountable to the board.

Article 10. Contribution

  1. All members must pay a yearly fee, which will be established by the board. Members can be put in different categories, all of which pay a different amount of contribution.

Article 11. Newsletter/website

  1. Through the newsletter and the website, members will regularly receive an update about the association and its interests.

Article 12. Sponsorship

  1. The board is authorized to draft guidelines for entering into sponsorship contracts.

Article 13. Expenses

  1. All expenses made by the members of the association can only be reimbursed by declaration if the treasurer approved the aforementioned expenses prior to them being made. The board must approve all sums over ten euros in advance. The declaration must be submitted to the treasurer.

Article 14.Personal possessions of members

  1. The association does not bear responsibility for any kind of personal possessions of its members and third parties during or in the vicinity of activities organized by the association.

Article 15. Liability of the members

  1. Every member is liable for the damage caused by him or her to any possessions of the association and of sport center de Bongerd. All identified damage is deemed to have been caused by the person(s) that were the last to use the aforementioned possession, unless the party involved can show the contrary.
  2. The board and de Bongerd will decide upon the appropriate fee to cover the damages.

Article 16. Final provisions

  1. Every member and every bulletin of the association must comply with these bylaws.
  2. The bylaws will be presented to the members as soon as possible after they have been established.
  3. These bylaws will take effect on the date mentioned above. All alterations to this document must be mentioned during the next General Members Assembly.
  4. Code of conduct
    1. Respect;
    2. Responsibility;
    3. Social control;
    4. Positive exemplary behavior.

1. Respect

 Show respect for cultural differences.;

 Constrain and behave yourself;

 Misconduct and/or vandalism and intentional destruction will not be accepted;

 Verbal and physical abuse is unacceptable and will be penalized;

 Do not curse, do not use offensive language and do not make discriminatory comments concerning gender, race, mental state, skin colour, handicap, sexual orientation, age, profession, religion or political views. The board will decide when a transgression has been made, which will first be penalized with a warning;

 Accept decisions made by both the board and de Bongerd;

 Upon disagreement of any kind, present these to the disciplinary committee or during the General Members Assembly;

 Do not steal from your fellow members and/or other individuals. Theft of any kind during activities organized by the association will be formally reported to the police;

 Be careful with your own and someone else’s possessions, and those of the association and de Bongerd.

2. Responsibility

 Every member is expected to handle all facilities provided by the association, such as clothing, materials and so forth, responsibly;

 Every member is expected to comply with and follow all provisions as stated in the regulations and the bylaws and all indications by authorized departments of the associations;

 The association cannot be held responsible for any fines or penalties imposed by de Bongerd. You are personally responsible for these fines.

3. Social control

 Every member of the association is expected to address another member about misconduct of any kind. Make sure to maintain an open, honest and communicative atmosphere;

 When members don’t respond to this form of communication, the board may be forced to step in. In case of discrimination, the board will take immediate action and the offender will be permanently removed from the association;

4. Positive exemplary behavior

 The behavior of members may influence children, audiences and outsiders. Make sure to behave and act in a positive manner and prevent discrediting the good name of the Wageningen Beasts in any way. Every member is expected to show exemplary behavior.


The board may impose sanctions on those who don’t comply with the house rules or the code of conduct mentioned above. These sanctions may involve:

  • Suspension: no access to the association’s activities or its committees;
  • Expulsion;
  • Fines;
  • The disciplinary committee will decide if and which sanctions are necessary in each situation.

General House rules

1. General

  • The association cannot be held responsible for any physical injuries or any material damage sustained in an accident while on the way to activities organized by the association;
  • The association cannot be held responsible for any physical injuries or any material damaged sustained during training hours or any other activity organized by the association;

2. Material

  • After every training all used materials must be put away in the appropriate spot;
  • The board and the crew of de Bongerd must be notified immediately in the case of damage to, or loss of material.


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