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Restaurant Review: H41

Restaurant Review: H41 in the city center of Wageningen
by Danique Haas

Last Tuesday we went out for dinner with the beasts. This year we went to H41 for a
three course meal. H41 is a very cozy restaurant located in an old wood-sawmaker
in the city center and is one of Wageningen’s most visited restaurants.

You have different three course menu’s you can choose from but we choose menu
3, which costs € 24.95. For the menu you could choose what kind of appetizer, main
course and dessert.


Soup of the day
Fried shrimps with oriental sauce
Salad with smoked chicken & almonds
Combination with steak of venison & fillet of kangaroo with H41 sauce
Steak with a mushroom cream sauce
Salmon prepared in the oven with white wine
Giant mushrooms, stuffed with nuts and Roquefort

Dame blanche
Plate H41 (vanilla ice cream with banana, egg nogg, chocolate sauce & whipped
Chocolate trio with homemade brownie, ice cream and mousse

I chose the salad with smoked chicken & almonds as the appetizer while almost
everybody else chose for the fried shrimps with oriental sauce. The portions were
relatively big for an appetizer I must say so we were all very pleased. I also really
liked the ratio chicken vs salad which was about 50/50 since I am not much of a
salad person.


For the main course we all had something different. Again the portions did not
disappoint us. I had the salmon and it was cooked really nicely. We also got salads
and French fries with mayonnaise with it. Where you would normally get a small
basket of French fries in a restaurant we now got a big bowl of fries.


For the dessert we were all same minded, almost everybody chose the chocolate
trio. If you are a chocolate addict like me it is the perfect dessert. I also really liked
the different textures in the dessert.


We really enjoyed the food and I would definitely go back another time. I thought the
prize was really good for the quality and amount of food that we got. I would rate the
food with a 8,5, service gets a 8 and the total ambiance gets a 9.


The FoodCie


Hall of fame: Deadlift

19th of April it was finally time for our first Hall of Fame activity of this year. We hosted a deadlift competition among members, in different weight classes. The activity was very well attended by our Beasts; other members had to watch with jealousy and had to resist grabbing a barbell.

Overall, Bart de Groof and Lotte ter Huerne won the deadlift contest, with a Wilk’s score of respectively 146.06 and 125.02. Congratulations!

Deadlift Bart de Groof Deadlift Lotte ter Huerne

Below you can find the records from all participants.

DEADLIFT MEN Weight class Record 1 Record 2 Record 3
105-120 Jochem Bögemann (160kg)
93-105 Bart de Groof (240kg) Reinier Egas (190kg) Maikel Starreveld (165kg)
83-93 Mark Reijerman (170kg) Frank Lammers (135kg)
74-83 Kevin Tromp (180kg) Jasper Remmerswaal (177,5kg) Stein Jongerius (157,5kg)
72-84 Mandy Runderkamp (115kg)
63-72 Jasmijn de Gijt (90kg)
57-63 Lotte ter Huerne (115kg)
52-57 Froukje Overdijk (70kg)


Deadlift bord Deadlift Frank Lamers Deadlift Jasper Remmerswaal  Deadlift Maikel Starreveld Deadlift Mark Reijerman Deadlift Ricky


Bootcamp, many people think they will be subjected to a military regime and are scared to join. Don’t be afraid, that’s not even close to what it is all about! You can jump in when you have just made your first steps into the gym, or when you were already lifting your bottle when you were a little beastbaby. It doesn’t matter what level of training you have, bootcamp is for everyone!

IMG-20160302-WA0009IMG-20160302-WA0011  IMG-20160302-WA0012








Bootcamp is a combination of various cardio and strength training exercises. It’s held in the open air and is mainly about teamwork and having fun! We use all kinds of material, depending on which location we are training. In the forest we use trees, in the Aboretum we use stairs, and when we are close to our homegym we use kettlebells, tires and ropes. But we shouldn’t forget the most important material and that is our own body, in the end that is what it is all about! Some examples of exercises are walking lunges, squat and kicks, or lifting a tree together, but we have many many more!

For inspiration we use our own experience with bootcamps and strength training, but we are also looking at other sports, like rugby, and on Youtube or Facebook for new exercises. The last thing we want it to be is boring, so we have to be inventive!

The Bootcamp Committee consists of Reinier Egas, Wietse in het Panhuis, Iris Brunsmann and Jasmijn de Gijt. If you have any questions, remarks or you just want to talk with some really cool people, feel free to contact us!

Winter BBQ: Meat, Beers and Beasts

Last Wednesday (25th of February), the FoodCommittee held its first dinner ever. As we all know nothing beats a good old BBQ while it is cold, rainy and snowy outside.

The evening started off rather exciting with some rain and snow, but as more and more beasts started to gather, the rainclouds got scared and vanished. While the FoodCommittee members were struggling to light the BBQ, beasts were getting cold. Beasts are generally not considered as pack animals, but sometimes they need to rely on each other to survive. This was one of those ‘bro-moments’. And so they gathered in a small hut known as a “party tent”, to keep each other warm.

The coals were hot, the feast could begin! We started off by serving pulled pork which was cooked sous-vide by our chef Quinten Steffens for 24 hours!!! Once the beasts were aware of the chicken on the BBQ, they left the warmth and safety of their party tent to act like vultures in hope to claim some chicken. It didn’t take long before only a pile of bones was left to remember us of the once so great chicken. Because of it being wintertime, a lot of beasts are bulking so we continued feeding them hamburgers, sausages and beer!

Attack the meat!

Of course we offered some healthier foods like vegetables….

We had to take nearly all of them home at the end of the night.

With our bellies filled and the very important General Members Assembly (ALV) in mind, we worked together and cleaned up our mess so we could head inside.

We would like to thank all beasts that joined the BBQ, the WUR for letting us use their BBQ, and the board for providing us with meat and such.

If you liked the BBQ make sure to join any of our future events and if you have some cool input for a future event, let us know!