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Members training: subscription forms


From now on subscription forms for the (members only) training are found here. They will be updated every wednesday!cropped-where-the-real-gains-are-insta.jpg

  • Training 17-1-2017

Training: Reinier Egas

Yesterday our very own chairman Reinier trained chest and triceps! Below you can read what schedule he followed.












  • Flat bench 100kg 5*10
  • Incline bench 85kg 5*8
  • Inclinde db press 32kg 5*10
  • Db fly 20kg 5*10


  • Dips bodyweight+10kg 5*10
  • Cable push down 42.5kg 5*10
  • Cable rope extensions overhead 20kg 5*10

Want to train chest and triceps with muscleman Reinier sometime? Send him a message!

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