If you have any questions, this FAQ-list might answer them. If this is not the case, you are always free to send us an email to: wageningen.beasts@gmail.com

About the association

1. What is Wageningen Beasts and where can I acquire information?

  • The Wageningen Beasts is a strength-focused sports association. Our association is about training; about growing stronger or larger; about helping each other reach our goals.
  • Besides training etc. we have many more activities that are about gaining great friends and having a good time.

2. What are the benefits of a Wageningen Beasts membership?

  • You can join 6 registered training hours per week including 2 bootcamps, 2 free training sessions, a technique focussed “beginners” training and a women only training.
  • All training sessions are guided by professional trainers.
  • During the training hours you have access to brand new official olympic training material (eg: bumper plates, official weightlifting bars)!
  • You can join all of our fun events and activities as movie nights, dinners, drinks, barbecues, lectures and clinics.
  • Can order supplements from XXL nutrition with a discount.
  • You will be part of a community in which people really help each other in the strive for their goals. There is a lot of knowledge in our community on training/nutrition. Either you are a beginner or an advanced lifter or bodybuilder. Tell your aspirations and there will be people who can help and motivate you!

3. Is there a hazing period?

  • No! We do not like the idea of a hazing period.

4. Can I join some activities before becoming a member to see what it is like?

  • Of course! You are always welcome to try out a training, or to see what the activities are like! Just send a message to wageningen.beasts@gmail.com for further questions.


Become a member

  1. How do I become a member?
  • 1) Fill in this subscription form.
    2) Transfer 25 Euros if you pay before 15-09-2016, or 30 if you pay after 15-09-2016 to Wageningen Beasts, bank account NL31 RABO 0311 4374 94 (or 15 Euros after 15 February, for half a year of membership)
  1. Are there requirements for becoming a member?
  • There are no requirements for becoming a member! You do not have to be a student, nor being associated to the university of Wageningen.
  1. How much do I pay for a membership?
  • €5 discount till the 17th of September 2017: €25,- for a FULL year membership
    After the 17th of September: €30,-
    A half year membership September-Febrary or Febrary- September is €15


Training in the Bongerd

  1. Do I get immediate access to the Bongerd upon joining Wageningen Beasts?
  • Not immediately, you will have to subscribe to an introduction lesson at the Bongerd. But when you join the Wageningen Beasts, special introduction lessons will be arranged, so you will not be on the waiting list. You do need to buy sport rights though! This can be arranged via the Bongerd.


I am just starting out…

  1. I am new to fitness/strength training. Can I get help at the start of my strength training?
  • You are always welcome to join the trainings on Tuesday and Thursday or to join the bootcamp. Also, you can find beginner workout schedules on our website: www.wageningenbeasts.com. Lastly, you can always ask other members to help you. We are a close community, and there are always members gladly willing to help you out!

2. My technique could use some feedback can I get that somewhere?

  • Of course! You can get feedback during the Tuesday and Thursday trainings!


Our organized trainings

  1. Can I just join a training or do I need to enrol?
  • For the womens training on monday and the beginnerstraining on wednesday you do have to enrol by filling in the weekly form that is uploaded in our Facebook group. This is because otherwise the group will be too large.
  • For the bootcamps on Monday and Wednesday and the free training on Tuesday and Thursdays you do not have to enrol, you can just show up. If you are not a member and would like to join a training, send an email to wageningen.beasts@gmail.com
  1. Can I become member of a team?
  • Currently there are no competition teams. However, there are a few members that are quite serious about competing. 



  1. Where can I find information on the activities?
  1. Do I need experience in training to join the activities?
  • No, you do not need any prior experience in training to join the training or activities!
  1. Do I need some knowledge on topics before I can attend lectures?
  • No! The lectures are set up in such a way that you can follow it without having any prior knowledge!
  1. Are there group activities?
  • Yes, there are a lot of group activities, which are posted on our Facebook page. We have both sports related and non-sports related activities. For example, movie nights, lectures, bootcamps, clinics, dinners…



  1. Where can I enrol for the newsletter?
  • By sending an email with the request to wageningen.beasts@gmail.com

      2. How often will I get a newsletter?

  • Every month we send a newsletter.


Ordering supplements/merchandise/payments

  1. Who do I need to address for money related topics?
  1. Where can I order supplements with WB members discount?
  • Every month on the 24th, an email will be send out containing a form in which you can fill in what you want to order. A list of all products you can order is also included in this email. Fill in the form before the 1st of the month and the supplements will be ordered for you. 
  1. Where can I order WB merchandise?
  • You can order merchandise via one of the members of the merch committee. Who these are, you can find on this website at About > Committees. Send them a personal Whatsapp message or send an email to wageningen.beasts@gmail.com.


How can I be active in the association?

  1. Can I become a member of a committee?
  • As a member you can join a committee! You can ask the commissioner committees or send an email to wageningen.beasts@gmail.com. To see an overview of the committees, go to About > Committees
  1. Who do I need to approach if I have ideas for the association or an activity?


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