Pro’s of becoming a member:

  1. You are welcome to join our weekly training sessions (4 times a week) supervised by professional trainers, plus 2 weekly bootcamps.
  2. In these training sessions you can use brand new official olympic training material (eg: bumper plates, official weightlifting bars).
  3. You can join our sports related clinics and lectures and you can get your own customized training program.
  4. Besides training you can join all our social activities like drinks; weekend trips; movie nights; dinners; barbecues; trips and so on!
  5. You can order supplements from XXL nutrition with a discount for members only.
  6. Become part of a great group of friends who help each other in the strive for their goals wether you are a beginner or an advanced lifter or bodybuilder.



Want to BECOME A BEAST? There are two simple steps:
1. Fill in the subscription form
2. Print, read and sign the automatic debit form (will be emailed to you). You can either scan the form or take a picture of it and mail it (to or drop it of in the Bongerd. You can find our postbox near the entrance.

If you become a member before September 17th 2017 the membership costs 25 euro. After this period 30 euro. You can also chose to get a half year membership until February or from Febrary till September, which costs only 15 euro. The membership fee will be withdrawn from your account with an automatic mandate.

We will confirm your membership by sending you a welcoming email explaning all necessary matters.



If you wish to terminate your membership, please send an email with this request to