Wageningen provides a free weekly consult for its members
Starting in April, we will provide 2 physiotherapy consults per week instead of 8 consults per month. We did this because attendance during the consults was low. In this way, you can always have a consult within a week when you encounter an injury. These physiotherapy consults are free to join and you can go there if you think you have an injury or just if you would like some advice from a certified physiotherapist.


This is a consult (read: screening), during which a certified therapist will look at your problem and give you some advice. They are not going to fix something/manipulate right away (as in: giving a massage or something). They are just there to give you advice. There are probably two options when you go to a consult:

  1. You get some stretches/exercises/quick fixes. Those things together with some rest might do it for you.
  2. You need to go in treatment and you can make an appointment.


We have a contract with sport physiotherapists from Fysio Vis. These therapists have experience with injuries related to sports and are therefore more suitable in helping you with your injury, as they can help you get back to training as soon as possible!


Every week! You can make an appointment for a day and time yourself by sending an email to our physiotherapist.


At the clinic of Fysio Vis. The address is Plantsoen 57, Wageningen. The main entrance is closed during the evening. You need to enter through the side entrance, located on these pictures: 


How to subscribe?
You can send an email to to make an appointment for a free 15 minute consult. He will contact you as soon as possible!


We hope that this service may help you with preventing small problems or injuries from becoming big problems. Going to a physiotherapist shortly after you encounter a problem might prevent a lot of misery!


Contact details:
Fysio Vis (0317-420200)
Robbin de Gee: email:
PS: If you have any questions or if anything is unclear, you can send us an email (!

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