Buy supplements


XXLnutrition  gives us the possibility to buy their products at very sharp prices. There is a different discount depending on the product, but it ranges from 5% to 40%.

Supplements will be ordered the first day of every month and for your order to be included you have to fill in this form before the 1st of the month.

You can find all of the products in this complete list. With the left column showing our discounted prices.

Delivery costs are €1.50 per order.
How does ordering work?

1. An email will be send out at the 24th of each month containing a google form.
2. Look in the lists what supplements you want to order, and fill those in in the google form before the 1st of each month
3. The money will be withdrawn using automatic debits.
4. The order will be delivered to Marloes Postma’s house. There you can pick it up. She will send you a message.