Training hours

Wageningen Beasts training hours

With the Wageningen Beasts we have 4 registered training moments during the week. on Monday (1545-1645) for women only; on Tuesday (1930-2100) free training; on Wednesday (2100-2200) a beginnerstraining and on Thursday (1530-1700) free training again.
During all these training sessions, there are trainers present that can help you with the technique of your exercises. During the free training, you can train for yourself and do whatever exercises you like. The trainers can always help you if you want. On the womens training on monday and the beginners training on wednesday, we train with a group in which the trainers assign the exercises. The womens trainings is also open for non-members.

Also on Monday (1930-2100) and Wednesday (1915-2015) there is an outside bootcamp training. These bootcamps are also open for non-members. The bootcamp includes strength training, strong man elements, cardio and stamina.



SCB opening hours

Every week, there is an update scedule with the opening hours of the fitness studio. Yellow bars indicate hours in which Wageningen Beasts members are free to train in the  studio with the materials. Below, there is an example of a scedule. For the updated scedule check

Week 37.jpg

The Bongerd gym is open:
Monday t/m Friday: 07:00-00:00 uur (pilot until december)
Saturday and Sunday: 09:30-18:00 uur

On the following days the gym will be closed or the opening hours deviate:
5th of December closed after 16:00 (Sinterklaas)
21st of  December closed after 16.00 uur (Christmas meeting SCB staff)
23rd of December open at 09.30-12.30
24th of December closed
25th and 26th of December closed (Christmas)
27th, 28th and 29th of December open at 12.00-22.00
30th of December open at 09.30-18.00
31st of December and 1st of Januari closed (new year’s)
2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th of Januari open at 09.00-22.00
30th of March closed (Good Friday)
1st and 2nd of April closed (Easter)
27th of April closed (Kingsday)
5th of Mayclosed (liberation day)
10th of May (Ascension Day)
15th of May (We Day); no program, only fitness and squash before 12.00 and after 19.00
20th and 21st of May closed (Pentecost)
5th of July closed after 12.00 uur (staff outing SCB)

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